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ADUs are invaluable additions with many social, economic, and environmental benefits for communities, cities and homeowners. Completely customizable and based on your needs, ADU Garage Experts seeks to create a seamless and simple construction process.

Although California supports homeowners’ desires to profit from legal accessory dwelling units, people need to know the unique laws that apply in certain jurisdictions. Homeowners will face certain challenges during construction, which is why hiring the experts in ADU garage conversion is necessary for getting the biggest return on investment.

Our Simple 4 Step Process

Step 1: Architectural Plan & Design

When brainstorming garage conversion designs, talk with architects, builders, and sub-contractors about your conversion project. This will enable you to plan out objectives and schematics more thoroughly. When reviewing garage conversion prices, also speak with financiers and your contractor to work out a realistic payment plan. Moreover, your ADU builder can also work directly with local municipal zoning offices to make sure you’re building a legal garage conversion. Architecture is generally the first step and ADU Garage Experts can take care of this process, but if you already have architectural drawings, we can absolutely just do the engineering, permits and building steps.

Step 2: Structural Engineering

You will need to work with a structural engineer to ensure the safety and stability of your architectural plan. The structural engineer will ensure your ADU is structurally sound, safe, reliable, and durable. An engineer can look at your land, existing structure and more to verify a long-lasting and quality ADU conversion.

Step 3: Permits

The SB 1069 bill authorizes all local governments to approve ADU building permit requests if the ADU meets certain standards. This stage is critical since it guarantees preliminary planning review, building and safety reviews, and any special reviews required. This stage will ensure that your construction project is safe and a legal conversion.

Step 4: Construction

After finalizing all your fine details, collecting valuable ideas, and finalizing your budget, you can start constructing your ADU. Make sure you follow every detail during this stage since it can either make or break your architectural plan. Moreover, mark all important dates such as inspections, expected completion, and deliveries. Consequently, adjust your timelines to accommodate unexpected adjustments easily. Unlike a DIY construction project, working with a garage conversion company prevents small issues from falling through the cracks.

What Our Clients Say

I couldn't find a structural engineer to look at my drawings and provide good engineering services until I called Peter. He was willing to look at the project even though there were still questions about the build to be answered. 

Eric S.
Northridge, CA

Peter and his team are great!! We need more professionals like them. Not only does he know the area but is also the inspectors. This is why he has been in business as long as he has. Strongly recommend him!

Angeles A.
Culver City, CA

We met with Peter explained the problem and our proposed solution. Peter provided an alternate that made sense and will save money in the cost of the project. 

Al G.
Whittier, CA

Peter and his team are prompt, professional and a pleasure to work with. Peter answered my request before anyone else and helped walk me through the perfect set of plans for our residential remodel.

Blair B.
Redondo Beach, CA

I was very pleased with Peter's service. Their price was excellent, they were professional and thorough. Did a great job and I wouldn't hesitate using them again.

Tom H.
Cerritos, CA
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